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Our "Therapeutic Foster Care" program offers a setting for children that is stable, nurturing and structured for consistency. Our goal is to help each individual reach their full potential, in partnership with the foster family. We picture of cartoon smiling flowersbelieve that fostering involves the entire family working together, to create a healthy living environment that fosters growth and development. A person's ability to become effective within their "life" environment is directly tied to their "self-esteem" and the milieu in which one grows. Our focus on skill development through teaching, coaching and modeling enables an individual to reach their maximum potential. We are proponents of the value of life-long learning and skill building. In addition we work closely with a team of related professionals to provide all the necessary supports for each individual's success.

The KidsKare Agency believes that individuals under our care need to be active participants in their communities and we emphasize the importance of social inclusion in all of our programs. We advocate for each person under our care and provide foster families with a wide range of services, in order to meet each individual's needs. We believe in utilizing more than one theoretical philosophy, allowing for an interdisciplinary approach to achieve the greatest benefit.


We offer two different "Therapeutic Foster Care" models in order to best serve each individual's needs.

Four bed program

  • individuals require a higher level of supervision
  • more intensive treatment plans are in place
  • higher level of staffing support for "parent relief"
  • foster parent(s) require professional qualifications
  • non-taxable per diem provided for each individual's care

One to two bed program

  • individual(s) require a lower level of supervision
  • treatment plans are in place
  • staffing support for "parent relief"
  • non-taxable per diem provided for each individual's care


The KidsKare Agency is licensed by the province of Ontario to develop and support foster programs, as well as more specialized treatment foster care programs. Fostering can be a rewarding challenge with a great deal of satisfaction when you make a difference in someone's life. We offer a number of supports and provide resources under our Foster Care program to support foster parents including:

Supports and Resources

  • act as a liason between outside agencies and the foster family
  • computer supported treatment program development and implementation
  • 24 hour on-call and crisis management support
  • foster family training and skills development
  • regular parent relief services

The Process of Becoming a Foster Family

The process usually takes about 2 months, but can be as long as 4 months, depending on the needs and circumstances of the individual.

The first step involves contacting us to express your interest in becoming a Foster Family. Fill out the "Contact Us" form below and we will be in touch with you to help you through the next steps.

The second step involves filling out an application and participating in an interview. This usually takes between one and two hours to complete.

The third step involves a comprehensive home study with three to five in-home meetings, usually lasting about an hour each. We use SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation) as the basis for our evaluations - www.safehomestudy.org.

The final step involves matching a child to your strengths for placement. It is all about "Finding the Right Child for you". We will support you every step of the way.

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